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1. How old are those pictures?

Are the pictures you’re seeing current? Too many companies use old photos from when the vehicles were new or they use photos that aren’t even of the vehicle you’re planning to rent.  .   .  So ask! 


2. Who owns the vehicles?

Is the company you’re renting from the owner or broker of the Vehicle? This matters because very often if they are brokers they are not familiar with the vehicle, and may not have ever even seen the vehicle.   Also, you may pay more when going through a broker, and you may not get the vehicle you think you’re getting.  So ask!


3. How old is that vehicle? 

Is the bus or limo late model?  You better ask, nothing is more deflating or upsetting than having an old worn out limo or party bus show up to pick up you and your friends, when you’re expecting something new and spiffy.  So ask!


4. Can I look at the bus or limo in person? 

A lot of companies won’t let you see the limo or bus in person.  That should be a red flag, and you should probably move on.  You should be able to see the vehicle in person, and walk through it.  A representative from the company should show you all the features, and demonstrate the sound system, and any other electronics the vehicle has.  Do this before you book.


5. It has A/C and heat . . . right? 

Sounds like a foolish question but it’s NOT.  Too many companies run old school buses that don’t even have heat or A/C.  Also many companies have vehicles that have heat and A/C but they don’t work!  So Ask!


6. Are you insured?

Make sure the company is fully insured . . . Safety is vital!  Any more than 14 passengers and the company is required by federal law to carry a 5million dollar insurance policy.  If they aren’t fully insured, move on, it means they are operating illegally, and or their vehicles aren’t insurable. So ask!  


7. Do your vehicles have DOT and MC numbers?

Always ask if the vehicle you are getting has DOT numbers and MC numbers to make sure you are getting a legit company that has been inspected, is following DOT safety codes and procedures, and is able to cross state lines.  If they don’t have DOT numbers they most likely are not following federal safety procedures/laws and have not been inspected by DOT.  If they do not have MC numbers they cannot legally cross state lines.  So ask! 


8. Can I bring food and beverages?

Half the fun of a limo or party bus is the party starts as soon as you board.  Many companies do NOT allow food and beverages.  Whether it’s a kids party and you want to have cake, and soda, or a 21st Birthday or Bachelorette party and you want to have cocktails and hors d’oeuvre’s, you want to be able to start the party as soon as you and your guest board.  So ask!


9. Does your company have an Events Coordinator?

Does the company offer the service of an events coordinator?  This person is very helpful when planning an event.  They can offer helpful advice and details about various venues.  They are often able to offer discounts and VIP treatment with nightclubs; this can save you a lot of money as cover charges for night clubs can be expensive.  Also, they’re experience with various venues may help you decide the appropriate destination for your event.  So everyone has a great time! So ask!


10. What about the Music?

Ask about the sound system, how many watts of sound, can I use my IPod, CD etc…  You want to make sure you can bring your own music, and the limo or party bus has a great sound system to play it on!


11. Is that a Limo Bus or a Party Bus?

Ask whether you’re getting a Limo Bus or a Party Bus. . . There’s a difference.  A Limo Bus usually does corporate work, and doesn’t have the lights or sound system a party bus has.  A lot of companies that have Limo Buses are using them for double duty, corporate work during the day and Party Bus work at night.  The only problem with that is that some of these companies don’ have drivers that are trained for Party Bus rides.  A Party Bus driver is expecting a true party with loud music and dancing . . . . a party on wheels.  A Limo Bus driver is often a driver who is use to driving corporate executives, and hates loud music and dancing.  That can really spoil your night if the driver continually tells you to turn the music down.   Also very often Limo Buses do NOT allow food on board.  The bus most likely has a corporate event in the morning, so they don’t want the bus to get too messy.  So, if you are renting a Party Bus, make sure it’s a true party bus company and not one that is running a hybrid Limo/Party Bus that is used primarily for corporate work.  You want to make sure you can enjoy the bus, so you and your friends have a great time!  So ask!


12. Does the bus I’m renting have a bathroom, and does it work year round?

Always ask if your party bus has a bathroom and if it works year round . . . . Some companies have buses with bathrooms but they don’t use them in the winter because they freeze up in the cold weather.  They may tell you they have one but it is not operational in the winter.  If you are renting a bus with a bathroom you want to make sure it works!  A party bus with a bathroom is a great idea if you have a large group of people; it seems someone always has to go.   Bathroom stops can eat up a lot of your time, and when you’re paying by the hour, it can get expensive.  A bus with a bathroom is well worth it . . . . as long as it works!  So ask!


13. Lastly, always search for reviews! 

Take them with a grain of salt but reviews are important and shouldn’t be overlooked.  If a company has negative reviews and you are still interested in renting from them, don’t be afraid to ask them to explain what happened.  So ask!




  1. I’ve never really thought about verifying how old a picture is. It really does make a lot of sense though. I know that I would want to get as much information as possible about something like this. It would definitely be frustrating to rent a limo or party bus only to realize that it looks nothing like the pictures. I think people would be able to avoid that frustration by doing a quick verification.


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