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Bachelorette Party Tips and Ideas

Who to invite?  Don’t invite too many, just close friends, siblings, family members and all the bridesmaids of course.  Check with the bride, make sure the people she wants are there and the one’s she doesn’t are not.

The date of the event is usually 4-2 weeks prior to the wedding, if most of the guests are from out of town you may have no choice but to have it 2- 3 nights before the wedding if they can’t come out twice.  Remember the last thing the bride wants are puffy eyes and a hangover on her wedding day. 

Around 2 months before the party date, it’s a good idea to send out a “save the date” invite before the actual invitation containing the details goes out.  Send an email, text, or invitation just to let everyone know the date of the event.  A great idea is to send out “save the date magnets” that can be stuck on the fridge to remember. These are available at or  Approximately 1 month before the party send out the invitations with all the details of the event. If a contribution for the party is expected, be sure to put that in the invitation and put the amount.  The bride should not pay for anything, but be sensitive to people’s budget constraints when planning the party.  Also, if there is a dress code put that in as well. 

The venue or theme is most important; make sure it’s something the bride would want.  Some want to paint the town and shut it down, while others would rather a quiet intimate get away.  Whether the bride is a G-rated or G-string girl the party should be a surprise and no work or stress for the bride. She should be able to decompress and bond with her BFF’s.   She deserves it after all the wedding planning headaches. 

There are so many options for a bachelorette party and each one is tailored to the bride’s personality.  Here is a list of some of the fun and memorable bachelorette parties we have had the pleasure of having on our party buses.  Hopefully you can take some of these ideas and make them your own by adding your personal touches. 

Wine Tour Bachelorette Party

Wine Tour Bachelorette Party

Wine tours during the summer and fall are great fun; your party bus chauffeur will take you safely to the Vineyard’s of your choice.  There are so many to choose from many of which are located in Connecticut. 

Pub Crawls, whether its Boston, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire or any place else, a party bus for a pub crawl is always a good time.

Dinner at the bride’s fave restaurant and then hit the hottest clubs.  These are very popular, we often see the bridesmaids all dressed in the same color, such as all in black or white, and the bride, so as to stand out, in a bright colored dress.

Casino bachelorette party.  Party all the way to the casino’s on the bus, and then have dinner, gamble, or take in a show

Men in motion  and Jacques Cabaret  are very popular destinations for bachelorette parties.  The fun begins when you board the bus.

Pole dancing classes are very fun, especially if you have some shy girls in your group . . . also a great workout!  

Day at the spa, usually the spa provides lunch, but if not, lunch at a posh restaurant then a day of pampering is always a favorite.

Roller rink parties , indoor skydiving and paint ball parties , are all fun activities and always create lots of laughs.

We have had some country girl brides, these parties are so much fun.  The girls wear boots and hats, and hit the best country bars for a hooten howling good time!

We have taken bachelorette parties to concerts, and everyone has a great time.  Tailgating before the concert on the bus is so much fun!

Theme parties are also a hit.  We have had 80’s themed bachelorette parties, Barbie themed and Disney themed. These parties have great photo ops. . . so take lots of pics!

With almost all of these parties, the bridesmaids decorated the bus, played games, and had fun and silly props, food, booze and music.

There are many websites for bachelorette party props; is one that offers a good selection. 

Here is a list of some fun, embarrassing and memorable games and keepsakes for your bachelorette party. 

Bachelorette Party Mug Shots

Bachelorette Party Mug Shots

Mug shot boards – create mug shot boards for each guest; personalize them with specific crimes for each girl.  Take photos and have a very funny keepsake for the bride.

Bachelorette Party Guest Book

Bachelorette Party Guest Book


Create a Bachelorette Party guest book – make it funny, have each girl email you photos of their faces, and photo shop them on to a funny body, such as a Barbie doll, animal etc….  Each girl will have her own page to write a special message to the bride. has bachelorette guest books available on line. 



You might ask everyone to bring a gag gift.

You might ask some of the bridesmaids to make cookies or cupcakes to bring to the party. . . risqué cupcakes and cookies of course!

Bachelorette Party Cookies

Bachelorette Party Cookies


A fun game to play on the bus, have each girl give the bride a pair of underwear that best represents themselves, and have the bride guess who they are from.

Another game to play is a dare to do list, make a list ahead of time,with dares such as collect 3 phone numbers, blow kisses to a stranger, serenade someone, anything embarrassing will do.

Bachelorette Dare To Do List

Bachelorette Dare To Do List



Bachelorette parties can be a lot to plan so divide and conquer. . . divide up the to do’s among the bridesmaids. Games, decorations, music, booze, food, DVD, jello shots, props, etc. . . .   

Some bachelorette accessories you may want to get, a cheesy veil for the bride, tiara, naughty props, phallic balloons, shot glass necklace, boas for everyone etc. . . .



Bachelorette T-shirts

Bachelorette T-shirts

You may want to order t-shirts for the party, there a many places to get bachelorette party t-shirts.  Some put the wedding date, or how long each girl has known the bride or just a funny saying.





Remember safety is the most important thing, so drink responsibly and make sure everyone gets home safe!



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  1. Jeremiah says:

    Well worth it! Doug was very helpful on the phone. He really helped me plan the night in detail with some great tips/recommendations. Our driver Don was terrific! This is such a stress-free way to get around Boston and enjoy yourself. Having that bathroom on the bus was priceless. The cost is reasonable especially when divided amongst everyone taking the bus. I highly recommend!


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